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Elimite is a non-prescription treatment used for patients with scabies or lice infection. It comes as a cream and shampoo and has to be applied exactly as prescribed by the doctor. Elimite is not likely to cause any side effects but some patients may experience numbness, abdominal pain, redness, diarrhea, vomiting, numbness, mild skin rash, tingling, itching, fever, dizziness, rash, mild burning, nausea, stinging or headache. More serious side effects of Elimite like hives, trouble breathing, swelling of the face or lips, swollen tongue or closing of the throat may mean the patient has reacted abnormally to the topical treatment and requires emergency medical help. When using Elimite for scabies, it's also important to clean clothing, mattresses, pillows, stuffed toys, hats, gloves, furniture, scarves, hair brushes, headbands, personal belongings, headphones and other objects.

It's quite easy to detect either of the infections. The patient with scabies will have mite burrows (read bumps and blisters), scratching of the areas affected, itching or rash, and those will be especially obvious on the face, inner elbows, soles of the feet, buttocks, between fingers, palms of the hands, knees, armpits, around your waist, around breasts, around male genital area, insides of wrists, neck or shoulder blades. Patients with head lice will notice nits on hair shafts, red bumps on the scalp, neck and shoulders, intense itching or adult lice on scalp. Self-examination in case there are any suspicious symptoms is a good start, but a doctor needs to be consulted to confirm.

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Elimite Cream Ebay  

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